Three Ways TeamConnect Supports Airport Shuttle Management


With hundreds of thousands of passengers traveling through US airports every day, airport shuttles are essential. Without them, the safe and efficient transportation of passengers, flight personnel, and airport employees to and from the airport would be challenging, making onward travel and connecting flights almost logistically impossible. To support the management and success of an airport shuttle system, TeamConnect offers an effective workforce management solution, backed by features of compliance, security, and communication.

Safety-Oriented Dispatching to Support Shuttle Systems

Efficiency, safety, and resource management are important components of any ground transportation management system. TeamConnect can help those in the industry save money, ensuring the efficient management of transportation systems, increasing productivity, and eliminating issues that stand in the way of communication. Operators of airport shuttle services can benefit from TeamConnect in several distinct ways:

1. Efficient Dispatch for Timely Pick Ups and Drop Offs

At an airport, shuttle routes become routine, often following the same route at regular intervals. However, things like flight delays and roadway traffic can wreak havoc on the norm, causing delays in the arrival or departure of a shuttle bus. In these instances, instant communication is critical.

TeamConnect provides dispatch software designed to make these connections easier. Calls can be made directly from the map using TeamConnect Hub. TeamConnect Hub gives the location of all your shuttle drivers, meaning dispatch can keep them updated on any roadblocks they may encounter, as well as reroute as needed. The result is streamlined operations and passengers that are more likely to feel satisfied thanks to a seamless journey.

2. Secure Travels, Thanks to DOT-Compliant Devices

Instant communication is essential for a smoothly running shuttle service, promoting driver and passenger safety. Operating staff must be able to send and receive necessary instructions without losing focus on the road ahead. TeamConnect is backed by one-touch mobile and portable radios, meaning critical messages can be conveyed while remaining in compliance with federal regulations.

With TeamConnect, costly fines from illegal cell phone use can be eliminated, as are distracted driver implications. This is accomplished through hands-free equipment that may be mounted inside the vehicle. With this equipment, drivers can always remain focused, while remaining connected with dispatch or management.

3. Time and Resource Management for Operational Success

The effective management of shuttle systems will improve overall time and resource management. TeamConnect software streamlines many of the day-to-day tasks of managing the airport shuttle service. For instance, arrival and departure times per shuttle may be logged and referenced for future use and analysis. Calls are crystal-clear, undisturbed by noisy traffic conditions, helping to mitigate back and forth between driver and dispatch.

Private or group communication is streamlined, with the ability to connect with a sole driver, one fleet of drivers, or the entire team.  Everything works together to achieve smoother and timelier delivery of services - and happier customers.

Effective Ground Transportation Management Software from TeamConnect

Airline travelers expect to arrive and depart on-time and a well-managed airport shuttle system helps to ensure just that. Efficient route, communication, and time management features can ensure timely delivery of travelers and airport personnel to their destinations, helping to promote successful and secure operations.

A communication platform developed by pdvWireless, TeamConnect is a dispatch and communications application built to talk, locate, and manage the transportation divisions of many industries. Contact us to request a demo or view pricing plans to see what may work best for you.