Safety was Anthony of Aries Charter’s number one concern for his drivers – here’s how he used DispatchPlus.

Anthony George, Vice President and General Manager for Aries Charter, shuttles commuters from
train stations to large office buildings downtown. He installed tablets in his fleet so dispatchers,
drivers and clients could communicate with each other, but soon realized they weren’t the solution.
“At the speed at which our business operates, we needed something that would provide instant
communication with the touch of a single button, not multiple swipes. Since switching to
pdvWireless and Motorola two-way push-to-talk radios, our drivers can now communicate with
dispatchers and clients in real-time legally and safely while buses are in motion, simply by pressing
one button. This saves them the trouble of scrolling through a contacts list or pulling over to stop the
vehicle and make a call, making them more efficient – and safer behind the wheel.”