In order to remain competitive and profitable, many construction companies find themselves tackling multiple jobs or working multiple sites at the same time. This requires seamless coordination of mobile fleets between locations as well as the elimination of wasted time and resources. The most successful enterprises use the best and smartest technology, backed by state-of-the-art GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. TeamConnect stands among the top options for communication and coordination among mobile fleets,all while offering an impressive return on investment. Here are just three ways the GPS tracking and geofencing features of TeamConnect do just that:  
  1. Track and Reduce Vehicle Idle Time

Mobile fleet tracking can provide vital information about usage and idle times. This allows you to modify routes and times so that you can better synchronize your operations. With this feature, your business can avoid the unnecessary burning of fuel while maintaining optimal productivity levels. Instantaneous and DOT-compliant communication between dispatch and fleet means safety for drivers and resource tracking for dispatch—undeniable wins for the entire workforce.

  1. Monitoring Worker Arrival, Departure, and Downtime

Gone are the days of cumbersome punch clocks and time cards. With equipment tracking devices, two-way radios, and the ability to connect to personal smart devices, TeamConnect allows the business to pinpoint the location of every worker. Once located, management can remotely follow when employees arrive at a site, when they leave, and for how long they've been stopped. Job site time tracking is the perfect mechanism to boost workforce accountability and productivity while ensuring the most profitable deployment of resources.

  1. Establishing Time Targets for Both Single Site Workers and Mobile Fleets

Business leaders know that it is not just getting the job done—it's efficiency and proficiency that will bring in and expand potential customers. Being able to set reliable and practicable time targets, based on actual production information, means that clients get accurate estimates. The ability to monitor employees and ensure adherence to time frames through geofence time tracking will ensure that desired objectives are met.

Construction-Grade Two-Way Radios with GPS Tracking Efficiency 
To succeed in the increasingly competitive arena of construction work, a company needs to establish a record of timely and cost-effective completion of projects. By integrating the practicality of two-way construction radios, the utility of smartphone application, and pinpoint-accurate GPS tracking, TeamConnect enables businesses to monitor and assess progress on objectives by providing real-time information on employee and fleet movements. As technology advances, only those who take advantage of it will flourish. The first-rate GPS tracker geofencing capabilities of TeamConnect make it an invaluable asset for any construction business. Find out how your business can excel and grow with TeamConnect - contact pdvWireless for a demonstration.