Promote Safety & Efficiency During Asphalt Paving With Construction Two-Way Radios


Between unpredictable weather conditions and the need for high-synchronized personnel, the construction industry is faced with unique management challenges during the spring season. This can make achieving efficient and successful pavement projects and concrete pours a logistical headache. TeamConnect can help keep your asphalt paving projects running as smoothly as possible.

With mobile two-way radios and a revolutionary workforce management app at your disposal, you can look forward to a reduction in wasted resources, improved personnel management, and safer working conditions for your team. Here's a close look at how TeamConnect can support your organization as you work to restore roadways after the harsh conditions of winter.

Improved Communication with Construction Two-Way Radios

Often, spring asphalt projects require keeping track of teams at numerous worksites and ensuring they are operating as safely and dependably as possible. Construction company owners often find themselves struggling to remain connected to all teams. This is where TeamConnect comes in, with multi-functional push-to-talk technology that allows you to:

  • Communicate at the touch of a button with multiple groups spread over a number of locations. Instant group communication made simple keeps you and your teams focused on the jobs at hand.
  • Convey urgent safety information quickly between durable two-way devices, and securely log all arising issues for later review.
  • Document arrival, departure, and break times so you know where members of your team are at all times, and if there are any attendance issues or delays.
  • Send and receive photo documentation, displaying any issues that may stand in the way of efficiency, such as a locked gate that prohibits access to a work site or a safety concern that keeps workers from operating at peak performance levels.
  • Manage everybody and everything through multiple communication avenues, such as text messages or voice calls, through our workforce management app.

Workforce Management Features to Support Efficiency

Construction sites move quickly, and you need to be able to remain on top of issues as they arise. From delivery problems to staff shortages, you need to know it all. TeamConnect Hub will help you do just that. With no expensive equipment to set up, all you will need is browser access - and you can access workers anywhere!

Through the TeamConnect Hub and the TeamConnect console, management can:

  • Reduce wasted time and promote productivity by dispatching teams when and where they are needed. Workforce tracking lets you see where teams are quiet and where they could be better placed to get jobs done.
  • Streamline public and private pavement projects throughout large regions, thanks to instant communication capabilities and real-time data logging.
  • Reduce the amount of wasted materials by ensuring personnel are there to operate machinery and to securely close the worksite

Promoting Driver Safety with DOT Compliant Devices

No longer will your drivers have to operate clunky, distracting technology to speak with dispatch. Our DOT-compliant and one-touch technology reduces operational liability, as well as the risk of driver injury through operating refined two-way radio equipment that meets federal regulations.

Your drivers will be within constant reach, accessible at the touch of a button. Backed by workforce management features, you and your dispatch team can:

  • Track the time spent at rest stops, helping to eliminate excessive downtime.
  • Locate drivers accurately on GPS maps, with the ability to assess difficulties and reroute drivers, as needed.

With mobile two-way radio technology and an advanced workforce management app, TeamConnect helps to keep your team moving this asphalt paving season. Contact us for information on our demos and pricing plans.