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Increase Driver Safety with TeamConnect®

When effectively managing a mobile workforce is critical to operating your business - instant communication and driver safety are paramount. TeamConnect is a mobile application designed to keep drivers safe, focused, on task, and highly productive throughout their day!

Upgrade Technology for Your Drivers

TeamConnect keeps your drivers safe during the work day with instant one-button connection. Drivers can use vehicle-installed mobile radios, portable radios, or smartphones/tablets when coupled with a DOT-compliant mounting system. This is especially important in an emergency situation where there is no substitute for being able to speak with your driver.

Never worry if your team heard the message you left them! With TeamConnect’s “Listened to” notifications, you can verify that each team member received your voice message.

Improve Driver Behavior

With TeamConnect - you can track employees' activities like where they are, where they've been and how fast they're moving. Customized alerts help you identify behaviors that could put your business at risk. This could include unscheduled stops or unusually long stops. Exceptions reporting makes this process as efficient as possible since you are only alerted when activities are outside of normal operations. These parameters are customized to fit the needs of your business.

Eliminate Costly Fines

Adherence to Federal, State and Local driver distraction laws should be top of mind. Fines imposed by FMCSA, DOT, and law enforcement can result in significant expenses for your driver and your company.

TeamConnect partners for safety!

Through our partnership with GPSLockbox - you can access our one-touch voice application while keeping your drivers safe and hands-free compliant.

How does it work?

The GPS Lockbox Flex™ docking vehicle mounting system includes a standard push-to-talk mic and amplified speaker making your smart device a two-way radio that works with other TeamConnect-enabled radios and devices.

How does this benefit my business?

Say goodbye to distracted driving, costly fines, and bad press that might come along with violating the law! TeamConnect is DOT-compliant and hassle-free!