How to Effectively Evaluate your School Transportation Management System

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As we approach the end of another school year, now is the time to evaluate the effectiveness of your school transportation management system. Not only does this system have an impact on the safety of your students, but in an age when fiscal responsibility is scrutinized, your system needs to be based on accurate and up-to-date data for cost-effective and seamless coordination. TeamConnect provides you with all the tools you need, not only to support the ongoing evaluation of your school bus management but also to achieve and surpass your performance measures. With features that help to optimize student safety, create more efficient pickups and drop-offs, and mitigate concerned calls from parents, TeamConnect supports administration in more ways than one.

Things to Consider when Assessing School Bus System Performance

When considering the efficacy of school transportation systems, several variables come into play. For example, administration should evaluate how effectively they manage:

  • Route Optimization. If your buses coordinate like clockwork, they may have extra idling time during which fuel is being burned unnecessarily. In some cases, you may find that if a few routes include an additional stop, you could do with one less bus.
  • Weather Related Protocol. How does your system handle delays or early dismissals due to inclement weather? It is important to understand how quickly you can mobilize or dispatch your fleet to ensure that the weather has minimal impact on your system’s performance.
  • Traffic and Delay Mitigation. If there are traffic issues like accidents or bottlenecks, how successful is your system at diverting buses from problem areas to minimize delay? If one of your fleet experiences mechanical problems, can you arrange for a substitute vehicle to schedule pick-ups?
  • Driver-Related Legality Issues. Can you identify problems that may be connected to driver error or driver-caused concerns of safety and efficiently address them? Have you faced any distracted driver fines or compliance issues?
  • Timely Communication. How quickly are you able to respond to parent-related concerns or proactively provide notifications of delays in pickup or drop-off? How quickly can school administration, or even fleet members themselves, communicate valuable information and confirm receipt of instructions?

Using TeamConnect as an Effective Transportation Evaluation Tool

To assess the viability and efficiency of your school transportation management system, you require the ability to access up-to-the-minute data for accurate calculations and examinations. The various parts of your team must be able to communicate with each other with ease to minimize response time and to launch the proper protocols. Regarding safety and compliance, you need to make sure that the tools you provide your fleet are user-friendly and compliant with transportation legislation.

TeamConnect has everything you need not only to assess the performance of your school transportation system but also to optimize that performance. To support administration in the evaluation and optimization of their school bus management system, TeamConnect features include:

  • Reliable, DOT-compliant push-to-talk radios backed by a user-friendly school bus management app, meaning you can have the information you need whenever and wherever you need it
  • The ability to instantaneously communicate between devices, whether between individuals, groups, or the entire team, so that responses are seamlessly coordinated and notifications disseminated promptly

Support Student Safety with School Transportation Management

Your students and administration deserve the best school transportation system available while parents demand it. When all parts of your fleet can notify, provide updates, or communicate issues simultaneously, your system is more efficient, safe, and successful. After evaluating your current school transportation management system, have you found it to be less than effective? TeamConnect is available to assist, backed by features that support safety, efficiency, and informed decision-making.

Request a demonstration today to learn more about how TeamConnect can support your student body. View our pricing plans and contact us to get started.