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Protect Students
& Enhance School Safety


DispatchPlus equips your bus drivers and school personnel with either two-way radios or smart devices with GPS and voice communications all in one solution!

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WHY CHOOSE DispatchPlus?

Keep students safe with highlighted urgent messages using two-way radios and smart devices. If a student is not at a bus stop - that message can be made urgent and highlighted to be brought to the dispatcher's attention.

With instant status updates - students stay safe! One touch of a button on a two-way radio allows your driver to send 'Child Check' alerts to dispatch. DispatchPlus stamps each of these alerts with date, time and location.

From your bus drivers to administrators, your entire team is now connected with DispatchPlus! Additionally, you can speak privately with one team member or connect with your entire staff.


  • Find out if a child is not at their bus stop
  • See if a bus will be late because of an unexpected detour or accident
  • Rest assured that the bus driver did a final check at the end of their shift


"Every vehicle in our Houston-area fleet is equipped with wide area two-way radio service provided by pdvWIRELESS. This makes it easy for dispatchers and drivers to safely communicate in real time. The clarity on our two-way radios operating on the pdvWIRELESS system is outstanding and it's added an extra layer of security for our students.”
- Gold Star Transit, Houston, Kirk Wilkie, Vice President


Making sure that students are picked up and dropped off when and where they need to be is of critical importance and particularly challenging for new and substitute bus drivers. With systems that incorporate geofencing, administrators can set up virtual barriers, which can be triggered to send an alert when a driver enters or departs a designated area.


  • Mobile tracking that provides stop alerts and route exceptions
  • Tracking links that can be used to ease parent concerns over route updates
  • Large area coverage supporting school year bus routes, field trips and camp schedules
  • Private messaging or group talk
  • No more open-mic abuse
  • 1 button push-to-talk messaging will ensure 'child not at stop' alerts receive immediate attention

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