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LMR Integration

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability with Push-to-Talk over Cellular 

Now your radios can communicate with cellular on 4G LTE networks


Cross-network integration is easy with TeamConnect LMR Interoperability.

IP-based interoperability has knocked down the wall between the LMR and Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) platforms, providing direct communication across both networks and making dispatch and resource coordination easier and more efficient.

LMR integration from TeamConnect offers a simple, reliable and scalable solution to connect and enhance an LMR network by extending the coverage nationwide and delivering group or one-to-one voice communications at the push of a button from any location.

Best of all, TeamConnect offers a low cost alternative to expanding an existing LMR network. By adding push-to-talk service on existing iOS or Android smartphones, you eliminate the need for expensive new radios, while extending coverage and expanding your user base.


LMR & POC Interoperability

Communicate seamlessly either one-to-one or in group setting using radio or cellular device.  


Extend Coverage Beyond LMR Network

Extend coverage nationwide beyond traditional LMR boundaries.


In Building Coverage with WiFi Capability

Expand user base by making PTT available to executives, administrators, and others team members. 


Add Push-to-Talk Service & Lower Costs

Eliminate the need for expensive new radios and deploy PTT service on existing iOS or Android smartphones.


LMR Migration to POC Broadband


One Touch Communication with all LMR & POC Units



  • Cloud Based for Anywhere Access

  • One Touch Communication With all LMR & POC Units

  • GPS Location With 1 Minute Breadcrumbs

  • GPS Geofencing

  • Broadband Enabled