Three Ways to Experience the ROI of Workforce Management Systems

Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce management systems foster better decision making. By compiling real-time data about workers, these systems allow companies to eliminate unnecessary spending and wasted resources while increasing productivity. With revolutionary and industry-leading data technology, TeamConnect lets you manage your employees at the touch of a button - helping them complete more jobs each day and helping you to receive an impressive return on investment.

Workforce Management Systems to Achieve ROI

When you choose a workforce management system, you want to ensure you can achieve maximum return. But how do you accomplish this?

Here are three ways TeamConnect’s workforce management system can help you, and how to secure that ROI:

1.  Promote Efficiency Among Teams and Work Sites

When used properly, workforce management systems improve project completion rates. With TeamConnect, you can control your workforce and track their efficiency quickly and easily using the workforce management app, backed by the ability to:

  • Track routes and keep in touch with your drivers. You can check exactly where your workers are using GPS technology with the ability to communicate any transportation difficulties and reroute accordingly.
  • Message your team and respond to issues quickly. With TeamConnect, you can send and receive real-time messages to workers. This is especially beneficial when dealing with customer inquiries. For example, if a delivery will be delayed due congestion caused by an accident, you can let customers know immediately, avoiding frustration and poor satisfaction ratings.

2.  Reduce Wasted Resources

Control business costs and limit wasted resources by collecting and storing real-time data on service distribution and material usage. TeamConnect lets you:

  • Track worker location and efficiency. Color-coded maps and geofencing capabilities show you the exact location of every worker, making it easier to ensure your workers are on time and where they are supposed to be. This is particularly helpful if you manage long-distance drivers, or if you have strict deadlines by which to complete deliveries.
  • Communicate quickly. Our technology eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth calling with easy push-to-talk services and may be translated with one singular worker, an assigned group of workers, or the entire team.
  • Speak with clarity and confidence. The enhanced technology of our radios includes noise-canceling technology and enhanced audio features. That means you can be sure messages are delivered crisply and clearly.
  • Monitor deliveries. TeamConnect's workforce management app lets your workers send real-time photo document and proof of deliveries. Your workers can advise you instantly of any issues such as absent customers, impeded access, or delays.

3.  Avoid Distracted Driver Fines & Ensure Safe Operations

You need your drivers to be fully-focused and secure while on the job. TeamConnect technology is:

  • User-friendly with one-touch push-to-talk. With one-touch capabilities, drivers can send and receive pre-programmed status updates to and from management or dispatch at the single touch of a button.
  • DOT-compliant to meet federal regulations. Reducing operational liability, one-touch push-to-talk​ means neither you nor your driver will be faced with hefty distracted driving fines. Your drivers will remain safe and avoid the risk of losing their commercial driving license, keeping your operations running smoothly and as planned.

Streamline your Workforce with TeamConnect

With our unique, push-to-talk communication technology, TeamConnect can help you track your workers and their activities safely and efficiently. User-friendly and reliable, our system is designed to help you experience the ROI of workforce management systems while helping you control costs.

Discover how your company can leverage our revolutionary workforce management technology to communicate faster and more efficiently - contact us to request a demo or view our pricing plans.