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Workforce Management Solutions

Managers, onsite workers, and drivers become more productive when using instant push-to-talk communication, GPS worker location and automated daily status updates. TeamConnect® is ideal for companies that have employees in the field.

Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Include:


TOP 5 Benefits!

Remote Clock In/Out

Are you ever curious about where your employees are when they clock in? With TeamConnect, there’s no need for mobile workers to begin and end their day at the office. Know what’s happening while your workers are in the field with recorded start, stop and break times.

Enhanced Customer Service

Do your customers call all day long asking where their service reps are? Do you have to make multiple calls to find out the location of a specific employee? With TeamConnect - you can send your customer a GPS tracking link to provide visibility into when your driver will arrive. Cut out the middle work – and improve your customer satisfaction by giving them the transparency they're looking for!

Improved Driver Behavior

One of the main benefits of TeamConnect is driver safety. The application allows you to set up rules that alert you when a driver is speeding or in one place for an excessive amount of time. For example – if your rule reads that you should be alerted when any driver goes over 50 mph – as soon as that exception is met – you will receive a text message or email. You can document the exceptions and address issues before they become a problem. Keep drivers and their passengers safe with TeamConnect.

Increased Route Opportunities

TeamConnect allows you to find the closest worker to a location for faster service response and more efficient deployment of your mobile workers. With increased route efficiency, your workers can complete more jobs every day!

Easy to Manage Activity Updates

The TeamConnect application offers activity updates that can be customized for your business. Pre-programmed subject lines work on both radios and smart devices to reduce calls and provide job status. Some of our most popular subject lines include: “Job Start/Complete,” “COD Issue,” “Change Order,” “Student Not At Stop,” and "Customer Not Available."

How does it work?

To communicate, workers simply press a subject button sending the work team coordinator an instant update. Important requests requiring special attention can be highlighted to immediately notify a manager that an urgent response is required.

Mobile users can send an instant voice reply eliminating the need for repeat office calls. All inbound messages are recorded and routine activity is managed more efficiently.