Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC)
On Nationwide 4G LTE Network

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Workforce Management and GPS Solution Using Nationwide Push‑to‑Talk Over Cellular Network

Talk, Locate & Manage your team to enhance your productivity, reliability and customer service.

TeamConnect solves all your communication needs including nationwide push-to-talk over cellular, instant voice communication, GPS worker location and unique status updates. Now you can track and improve job productivity, worker performance, and reach your business colleagues or co-workers when and where you need to.

Our business solution eliminates unproductive communication attempts (calling into office with status updates) and streamlines workplace efficiency. TeamConnect is a unique application that works on portable and in-vehicle nationwide push-to-talk radios or your own smartphones and tablets.

Push-to-Talk Service That Connects You With Your Team

Use TeamConnect for instant communication between managers, administrators, drivers and work team coordinators. Reach everyone both on-site and off, with a single press of a button.

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