Empower Teams with Seamless, Nationwide Push-To-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) Software From TeamConnect

TeamConnect offers several communication plans starting at just $1 per day


TeamConnect’s PoC Solution Is the Answer to Your Communications Needs
TeamConnect is a leading American owned, hosted and designed software company that provides crystal-clear next-generation nationwide push-to-talk solutions. TeamConnect’s PoC solution provides nationwide communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio systems. With the pervasive coverage of cellular networks in most areas today, PoC is a viable alternative or compliment to private LMR solutions.

TeamConnect is an ideal network for applications such as transportation, schools & student transport, waste management, concrete, towing, limo services, independent contractors and many more businesses that can benefit from instant group PTT communication, while remaining federally compliant with distracted driver and hands-free regulations. 

Instant Voice

Connect with individuals and teams with instant, reliable, one button nationwide push-to-talk service. Avoid delays and connect quickly and securely. 

GPS Workforce

With push-to-talk & GPS tracking, you know where your team is, where they’ve been, and who is closest to the job that just came across your desk.


Instant Updates,
Less Paperwork
Reduce inbound calls and eliminate time consuming paperwork with one-button updates such as clock in/out and job complete. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Featured Devices

Push-to-Talk Radios for Nationwide Coverage and Powerful Worker Communications

TeamConnect covers the latest nationwide radios enhanced with a range of smart features. In addition to offering customer’s crystal-clear next-generation nationwide 4G LTE wireless communication with unlimited airtime, TeamConnect also offers customers enhanced business features such as GPS, Geo-Fencing, Mobile Forms and Voice/Photo Documentation. When using TeamConnect, these radios provide one-touch reliable and efficient communications.

Did You Know?

Fines for talking or texting on a handheld device have increased, with potential maximum fines of $600 and a 90-day driver’s license suspension. TeamConnect products and services meet all USDOT Hands Free Communications requirements. Contact us today for your FREE CONSULTATION and get connected with TeamConnect.


TeamConnect delivers the latest technology with a range of features to provide reliable, one-touch communications for just $1 per day.


Monthly Per User for
TeamConnect Talk

+ Instant Connection
+ Anywhere Convenience
+ Safety Precautions
+ Team Accessibility
+ Emergency Response
+ Device Flexibility


Monthly Per User for TeamConnect Talk, Locate & Manage

Includes everything in TALK Plus:
+ Manage Workflow
+ Focused Work Teams
+ Reduce Paperwork
+ Improve Reporting
+ Improve Performance


Monthly Per User for
TeamConnect Hub

+ Browser Based
+ Monitor Multiple Talk Groups
+ View Live Locations
+ View Previous Locations
+ Review Recorded Events
+ Review Archive Data