Powerful Push-to-Talk Communications For School Bus Fleets and Drivers

TeamConnect delivers the latest technology with a range of features to provide reliable, one-touch communications for just $1 per day.

TeamConnect Offers Next Generation Communications for School Bus Fleets with Nationwide Push-To-Talk Over Cellular Technology

TeamConnect delivers the power of unified school communications by supporting everything from everyday events to emergencies. Whether it is a child who missed the bus, or notifying parents a bus is delayed, or child is sick; TeamConnect takes school bus communications and safety to the next level with its ability to connect school bus drivers with administrative personnel, school security, and faculty, as well as the local police on the same network.

TeamConnect is an American-made software that enables reliable crystal-clear, Nationwide 4G LTE Push-To-Talk Over Cellular communications that allows you to coordinate a variety of devices and connect with multiple talk-groups to deliver instant and reliable communications.

TeamConnect’s workforce management solution enables GPS and geofencing tracking to pin-point the exact location of every bus during its route. The workforce management solution enables voice reporting documentation for pick-up and drop-off date and time stamps, as well as proof of activity, photo documentation and status updates. TeamConnect’s workforce management solution helps school bus dispatchers track resources, improve productivity, and reduce delays.

Start tracking and improving safety and connectivity, and reach teachers, staff and security when and where needed. TeamConnect solves all your requirements with Instant Nationwide Group or Private clear voice communication, optional GPS-based tracking and geofencing, as well as instant status updates including voice and photo documentation.

Take your group communications to a new level with TeamConnect.

  • Instant Status updates
  • Urgent Messaging
  • “Child Check” features
  • Affordable – as low as $1 per day

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Comply with Federal & State Laws

Avoid Fines
Adherence to Federal, State and Local driver distraction laws should be top of mind. Fines imposed by FMCSA, DOT, and law enforcement can result in significant expenses for your driver and your company. With TeamConnect, you increase driver safety, eliminate distracted driving and costly fines, and avoid the bad press that might come along with violating the law.

Efficient, Reliable Communication for School Bus Driver

TeamConnect’s application is available as an in-vehicle mobile, portable, or tablet-based radio and is coupled with a GPS Lockbox mounting system that includes a palm mic, 20W amplified speaker, and HVAC controls to keep your equipment ready no matter the temperatures. Our solutions are FMCSA compliant allowing you to avoid costly fines and liability.
Instant Voice

Connect with individuals and teams with instant, reliable, one button nationwide push-to-talk service. Avoid delays and connect quickly and securely. 

GPS Workforce

With push-to-talk & GPS tracking, you know where your team is, where they’ve been, and who is closest to the job that just came across your desk.


Instant Updates,
Less Paperwork
Reduce inbound calls and eliminate time consuming paperwork with one-button updates such as clock in/out and job complete. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Featured Devices

Push-to-Talk Radios for Nationwide Coverage and Powerful Worker Communications

TeamConnect covers the latest nationwide radios enhanced with a range of smart features. In addition to offering customer’s crystal-clear next-generation nationwide 4G LTE wireless communication with unlimited airtime, TeamConnect also offers customers enhanced business features such as GPS, Geo-Fencing, Mobile Forms and Voice/Photo Documentation. When using TeamConnect, these radios provide one-touch reliable and efficient communications.

Nationwide Coverage

TeamConnect is an American-made Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) technology providing nationwide communications on America’s largest 4G LTE network. TeamConnect offers several communication plan options, starting at just $1 per day, as well the flexibility to personalize your plan to suit your specific needs.

  • Define Your Needs
  • Select From a Variety of Devices
  • Receive Personalized Support and Training
  • Communication and Mobile Management Solutions

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