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Efficient, Reliable Communication For Construction

Efficient and reliable communications are critical to operations and worker safety at construction sites. With unique challenges, extreme conditions, and the need for highly coordinated activities, TeamConnectSM delivers reliable, nationwide push-to-talk communications that can help you do more with less.

Communicate with construction crews and stay connected to critical information

  • One-touch group-wide push-to-talk with multiple talk groups deliver instant and reliable communications
  • Convey critical safety information to construction work crews
  • Mitigate issues without interrupting office staff or waiting on hold to speak to the office
  • Eliminate back-and-forth calls and save time with recorded push-to-talk voice replies
  • Communicate clearly in harsh environments with enhanced audio and noise-canceling technology

Manage construction sites & maximize resources more effectively with nationwide push-to-talk radios

  • Coordinate deliveries and transportation with GPS tracking to save time and minimize fuel costs
  • Get real-time information for better decision-making with one-touch voice documentation – job start, job complete, arrival time and more
  • Eliminate the need for a work team coordinator and provide proof of activity and status updates with detailed voice reports with location, date and time stamps
  • Optimize construction site resources and reduce downtime with GPS tools and color-coded maps that show the exact location of every worker
  • Capture and store critical field data and generate customized productivity reports

Introduction to TeamConnect