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Next Generation School Bus Communications

TeamConnect Nationwide 4G LTE Push-to-Talk

The Choice Is Yours.

Turn your existing tablets into next generation communication tools with PTT capabilities while remaining federally compliant.

Add PTT to Your Tablet

Lockbox Tablet

In-Vehicle Mobile w/ Palm Mic


CAT 31 + AINA Mic

CAT-S31 and AINA

Nationwide Coverage

TeamConnect is an American made Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) technology providing nationwide communications on America’s largest 4G LTE cellular network.


Comply with Federal & State Laws

Adherence to Federal, State and Local driver distraction laws should be top of mind. Fines imposed by FMCSA, DOT, and law enforcement can result in significant expenses for your driver and your company.

With TeamConnect, you increase driver safety, eliminate distracted driving and costly fines, and avoid the bad press that might come along with violating the law.

Instant Communication When It Matters Most

Your school bus drivers remain distraction-free and federally compliant with TeamConnects palm mic feature while also harnessing the power of crystal-clear, reliable, and nationwide 4G LTE PTT capabilities.

  • Crystal-Clear

    No more broken or distorted conversations with TeamConnects crystal-clear communication solutions. With 4G LTE coverage, your drivers can understand PTT communications with minimal to no voice breaking.

  • Reliability

    Dependability when it matters most. You can rely on TeamConnects communication solutions to work every single time, especially when a situation demands it.

  • Nationwide

    Easily connect your school buses all over the nation, or even throughout your school district. TeamConnects communication solutions provide instant and accessible PTT no matter where you are at.


Introduction To TeamConnect

TeamConnect offers several communication plan options, starting at just $1 per day, as well the flexibility to personalize your plan to suit your specific needs.

Define your needs

Select from a variety of devices

Receive personalized support and training

Flexible Pricing

As low as $1 per day

Are You A School District?

Connect your entire school district with TeamConnect 4G LTE PTT communication solutions. From everyday events to emergencies, when a child needs attention, or an unauthorized visitor enters the building, every second counts. Take school safety to the next level with TeamConnect.


Integrate your car, control room, and business software with TeamConnect's Nationwide Push-to-Talk 4G LTE Network