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In-Vehicle Push-To-Talk Radios

Equip your Mobile Workforce with the Best Nationwide Push-to-Talk Communications

With team connect, mobile workers have access to one touch customizable voice, photo, and location stamped documentation.

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The M6 Mobile Mounted

The M6 digital two-way mobile radio is the dynamic, in‑vehicle solution that mobile industries count on for clear nationwide communication and increased safety and efficiency. Ideal for use in commercial vehicles, the M6 offers communication that is federally compliant, helping your business meet today's strict distracted driver laws.

Samsung Tab A

GPSLockbox with TAB

Turn your tablet into a two-way radio with Push-to-Talk on a nationwide 4G LTE network providing instant group or one to one communication and voice documentation. The Eclipse speaker adds a 20 watt amplifier, external speaker with separate on/off and volume control. Providing clear sound in any loud vehicle such as concrete or waste cabs. Remove the tablet and take photos with voice documentation and time, date and GPS location stamp all sent instantly to your TeamConnect web portal.

Patent-Pending Wiring Harness (This is a big deal!) – A Patent-pending wiring harness NAC-approved, which monitors the battery charge of your device and stops the charging when the battery is at 100% charge. When the ignition is turned off, the charger will bring the battery to 100% and turn-off after 90 minutes automatically. Wired directly into your vehicle’s fuse box, bypassing less-reliable cigarette lighter jacks. This charging system will protect your lithium battery from overcharging and thus shortening the life of the battery.

CAT® S31/S61 with AINA Speaker/Mic

AINA’s PTT Voice Responder is a next generation speaker-microphone which can be connected via Bluetooth to iOS and Android smartphones. The device is designed to work with the TeamConnect Push-to-Talk application. Users can remotely control functions such as push-to-talk, phone calls, channel switching and emergency alerts, while keeping their phone in a safe place and preserving their phone’s battery.

CAT S31 Android Phone

Sonim Phones with GPSLockbox

The GPSLockbox system with PTT Kit sets the standard for industrial strength tablet cases and docking vehicle mounts. With a host of unique features including a magnetic charging system and locking mechanism, there is no better way to secure your company’s wireless investment.

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Avoid Roadway Risk & Hefty Fines with Federally Compliant Long Range Devices

Without a federally compliant communication system, not only are the lives of your drivers at risk, but your business is vulnerable to both legal and financial consequences. The TeamConnect mobile provides a form of communication that meets today's strict regulations, making them ideal for mobile industries. With one-touch capability, the nationwide push-to-talk radios from TeamConnect are void of restrictions, allowing your team to stay connected even when on the road.

Experience the power and functionality of a federally compliant in-vehicle nationwide system. Contact us today to learn more.

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